• Jess & Tim


It’s the place to be on North Terrace. With Adelaide’s cafe & restaurant scene exploding with amazing choices for stunning food and good looking locations. Community definitely deserves a spot on your ‘to try’ list. Whether you’re looking for a chic place for a coffee meeting or a vibe for that Friday knock off cocktail, this is the spot. It’s the kind of place you might head to for brunch with some friends and somehow discover you’re still there in the afternoon sipping on some delicious cocktails!

Community sticks to picking products that are the best of the best. Serving coffee from 5 Senses Coffee Roasters, offering an amazing list of carefully selected South Australian Wines and brews. They have made the unique choice of offering all wine, beer and base spirits at the same price per serve meaning there's no need to skim the menu for a cheeky check of the price to make your decision!

When speaking with operator &

co-owner Brett Hicks-Maitland you start to see just how much thought has gone into the details. Things that most people could skim over subconsciously tie the whole place together giving it a sophisticated and classy feel. The original 1925 terrazzo flooring and original timber paneling is the centre of the interior design. The team had beautiful pink terrazzo installed on the bar and standing tables which was selected based on the exquisite heritage listed flooring, they then repeated the original soft timber tones in a magnificent custom made central dining table and matching chairs. The pink tones flow outside and the greens from the lawns and trees that surround this, almost conservatory-like building, flow inside, making this hub a joy for the senses.

Next time you’re in the CBD, swing in and be a part of this wonderful community that the crew have created!

Community - Lot Fourteen, North terrace, Adelaide.