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Coffee Cup Advertising Pioneers

Eat Media specialise in advertising in and around the cafe space. Eat Media has established a reputation as being Australia's premier supplier of advertised coffee cups.

  • More than 17,000,000 advertised coffee cups distributed
  • Over 250 Campaigns ran nationally in under 3 years
  • 100% on-time distribution guarantee
  • Exclusive contracts with more than 1500 cafes nationally
  • Preferred supplier for Australia's largest advertisers

NEW! 7 Day Lead Time

Eat Media have just secured exclusive rights to a 7 day production time line for the production of double walled advertised cups. Minimum runs of 1,000 cups ideal for trade-shows, events and internal cafes. Please contact us for pricing and further details.


Breaking Campaigns

Virgin Blue

Virgin Blue were one of the first customers to make use of the new super short run for a conference they held in Canberra


ING Direct

Our biggest ever campaign, over 1,000,000 cups distributed to 250+ cafes.


A campaign targeted at SMB's to win a $10,000 office make over

See how HERE

Our Guarantee

Eat Media guarantee your campaign will start on time, in every cafe. If we don't deliver on our promise and the cups are not in the cafes on the start date, you won't pay for the cups distributed to that cafe`. That's how confident we are that we can execute a timely and effective coffee cup campaign.


Recent Campaigns















EatMedia - Coffee Cup
Advertising - Some interesting facts:

37 minutes is the average time that a consumer spends with an advertised take-away coffee cup. Eat Media distributes full colour, high gloss double walled take-away advertised coffee cups with your brand. Over 90% of take-away cups in the CBD are consumed sitting at a computer. What could that do for your brand?

Coffee cup advertising is a selected medium used by numerous companies for reaching specific target audiences. Unlike mass media such as television, magazines, out of home advertising, internet and even direct marketing, coffee cup advertising can be placed to a specific target audience through cafes of selected target markets, and not wasted on an unsuitable audience. As defining target audiences gets more difficult, coffee cup advertising helps advertisers break away from the clutter of old and defines a new medium of advertising that reaches very specific audiences. 

Coffee cup advertising is a great form of building brand awareness and reinforcing the company and the products they have to offer. In doing so, leading the consumer’s path to purchase, which in advertising, and more so coffee cup advertising, is the Dovetail Effect.

What does this mean for Cafes?
$13,805 is the average amount a Cafe spends on take-away cups each year. We provide our exclusive distribution partners with free take-away coffee cups. By joining Eat Media and participating in Coffee Cup Advertising, you will save your business thousands of dollars each year.

Optus - iPhone4

Optus gave away free coffee to all customers waiting in line at the stores.

See pictures HERE


A national campaign which targeted consumers right at the point of hot/cold pain, drinking coffee.


A Brisbane only campaign which was targeted specifically to their corporate clients.

See pictures HERE



Campaign Video's

Tourism Australia is running a national campaign
with the added advantage of distribution of it’s
new Holiday Mags in each of the cafes...

Media buyer from Carat said... (more)