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About Us

Founded in late 2015, Eat Media began in the newly emerging Social Media management space by managing accounts for the vibrant hospitality industry across Melbourne. Our journey took an unexpected turn when the global pandemic severely impacted the hospitality sector, leading to the loss of all our clients within a week. This challenging time prompted us to reassess our direction and focus on what we loved most about our business—content creation.

With roots deeply embedded in the film industry, our passion for filmmaking was undeniable. We saw content creation as an opportunity to not only continue in the social media field but also to craft micro-movies and beautiful imagery for digital platforms, transforming everyday stories into captivating visual experiences. Our transition was driven by a keen awareness of the growing need for high-quality content—a need many business owners were just beginning to recognise.

As we step into 2024, the value of professional video & photo content has become universally acknowledged, with successful businesses across the globe leveraging its power to connect, engage, and inspire. We are proud to have navigated through and emerged as passionate creators, ready to help your business harness the potential of video content. Let us tell your story through the lens of our expertise and creativity.

Who we've worked with

Our story

Eat Media started out in Melbourne as a Social media management company specialising in the hospitality industry, which is where the name 'Eat Media' originated. Now people are consuming content at such a rapid pace that...the name stuck!  With both Tim & Jess having backgrounds in acting & filmmaking, they have built a deep appreciation for creative storytelling. They are passionate about the film industry and provide their clients with not only high quality service but an understanding of making people comfortable on camera to get the best results.  In their spare time they love spending time with their two boys or brainstorming for their podcast for creatives 'Part Time Creative'.

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